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I work as a graphic recorder. I draw visual mappings of corporate events in real time and large scale. I synthesize information and capture it using symbols, words and pictures to engage participants and help them memorize.

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What is exactly graphic recording ?

Graphic Recording is the visual mapping of an event done by a scribe in real time and large scale. The scribe (me, for example) listens actively, synthesizes information and captures it using symbols, words and pictures on a large piece of paper.

Whom for?

Graphic recording works perfectly for any business and organisation running meetings, workshops and organizing events. This powerful facilitation tool is a meaningful and engaging way to record a speaker, map out a conversation or facilitate a meeting by translating complex ideas into visuals.


I use either large sheets of paper (1 x 2 to 3 m), adhesive sheets (50x60cm) or foamboards (50x60cm or 75x100cm) that I hang vertically. I use markers to draw a mix of cartoons, diagrams and text to record a speaker or a group discussion. Placed on a side or in front of the audience, the processing record can be visible for all to see. It enables people to see their contribution to the conversation and delivers an visual element bringing events to life.


I can work almost anywhere: offices, workshops, offices, hotels, exhibition stands…  I just need either a wall, large windows, whiteboard or paperboard. And I can even bring an easel.


To engage

As an event organizer, you have worked hard to bring so many people together. You want them to be highly engaged. Graphic recording just increases participation and fosters connection. Seeing the process of visuals holds attention and promotes creativity and innovation. Even if my work may distract the participants, they will be watching at a relevant business-focused drawing instead of checking their emails.

To comprehend

While recording, I organize, synthesize and simplify information making it easier to understand. I translate complex ideas into visuals. Studies show that people learn better when information is accompanied by visuals. Moreover, the record composes a « picture » that reflects the collective intelligence in the room. It creates a common understanding.

To remember

One study found that people retain only 10-20% of written or spoken information but almost 65% of visual information. Graphic recording creates a memorable visual mapping of the event.

To share

The resulting drawing creates an illustrated infographic that can be easily understood, reproduced, and distributed. And they can be re-worked digitally.

My work

Here are some elements of my work. Unfortunately, it is often internal communication and confidential elements that can’t be shown here. But if we meet, you could have a short look at it to make you an idea. So, if you are interested in graphic recording, please contact me.