get your attendees engaged

Watching the process of visuals holds attention and promotes creativity

what is graphic recording?

It is the visual mapping of an event done by a scribe in real time and large scale. I listen actively, synthesize information and capture it using symbols, words and pictures on a large piece of paper or cardboard.

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For your events

Meetings, workshops, events

Graphic recording works perfectly for any business and organisation to record a speaker, map out a workshop or facilitate a meeting.

Real time and large scale

I draw a mix of cartoons, diagrams and text on large sheets of paper or foamboards hang vertically. The processing record can be visible for all to see.

Offices and conference rooms

I can work almost anywhere: offices, conference rooms, exhibition stands...  I just need either a wall, large windows, whiteboard, paperboard or easel.

Engage attendees

Graphic recording increases participation and fosters connection. Seeing the process of visuals holds attention and promotes creativity and innovation.

Comprehend complex ideas

I organize and synthesize information making it easier to understand. The record reflects the collective intelligence in the room and creates a common understanding.

Remember and share

People retain only 10-20% of written or spoken information but almost 65% of visual information. And this memorable visual mapping can be easily shared.

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